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The end of sales periods?

Every year in early January and late June, the sales periods have become a major event, sometimes mentioned as a «Shopping celebration». It’s definitely true for clothes. Buying during the sales used to be a «pleasure» but has now become … Continue reading

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Housing costs hinder occupational mobility

Over the last few years, many studies on the increase of housing costs have been published from many different angles: the difficult situation for middle classes willing to buy a house, systemic difficulties for the banking system because of the … Continue reading

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Consumers are ready to pay more for French made products

The crisis has had terrible effects on industrial jobs, increasing their reduction which has been inevitable for the last fifty years. French people are worried by outsourcing to other countries and become more and more reluctant to globalization. They are … Continue reading

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Emerging countries support cultural tourism in France

International tourism has become a major strategic problem, not only because of its real or potential economic impact but also because of the geopolitical importance of the cultural influence of a country. Thanks to the survey and inquiry structure of … Continue reading

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New perceptions of brands: less functional, more commitment

In early 2008, facing a strong drop in the market share of mass consumption brands, sales specialists spoke of a lack of trust in brands. Was it, like in the 1993 crisis, a reaction to the bad economic situation?  At … Continue reading

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