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How the poorest can get healthcare ? – The example of opticals

Reducing the health access inequities is one of the aims of the governments. In the past few years, more and more people have declared they have to restrain their healthcare spending, especially the poorest one.

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Precariousness, isolation and housing conditions : the deep weakness of the elderly

The recent national debate about old age dependence has highlighted that the elderly often need several types of help. Thus, this is important to consider the capacity to do everyday life tasks to evaluate the loss of autonomy. But it’s … Continue reading

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Is the social and tax redistribution the keystone of middle classes ? An international comparison

Middle classes are often the subject of public debate. They would be declining, under the pressure of too many taxes, on the way of pauperization and neglected by the Welfare State. A thorough survey in thirty countries over the three … Continue reading

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