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More customers in neighbourhood shops, frozen food and discount stores

For the past few years, the food trade has undergone dramatic change: the mass consumption model has been challenged, the forms of neighbourhood distribution are now increasingly diverse, the sales on the Internet are developing, drive-through for grocery shopping is … Continue reading

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Four experimentations to promote the integration of young people supervised by the youth justice system

In 2011, young people between 18 and 24 represent 25% of the jailed population (and only 16% of the 18-59 years old’s). The young are more concerned than the others by a second offence judgment that’s why supporting is crucial. … Continue reading

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Is well-being growing less quickly than the GDP?

The wealth of a nation measured through the gross domestic product has long been the major indicator of the population’s well-being. Many decision-makers, economists or editorial writers permanently focus on the GDP variations. However the vision of the multidimensional aspects … Continue reading

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The “online” elderly have a better social life and spend more

Like in many countries, the French population is undergoing huge changes because life expectancy is longer and the first wave of baby boomers (1946 to 1965) reaches its retirement age. Today, the population aged 60 or over accounts for 23% … Continue reading

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The French are reluctant to the spread of biometric identification techniques

The so-called “biometric identification” techniques based on the gathering of personal biological data such as fingerprints, eye shape or face recognition are becoming more and more common in many aspects of the citizens’ daily life. The CRÉDOC‘s research, conducted with … Continue reading

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