Evolution of the living conditions and the aspiration of seniors in France for 30 years

This study emphasizes that seniors from nowadays haven’t really much in common with seniors from thirty years ago. Baby-boomers appear as a “golden” generation who benefitted most from social rise, the spectacular improvement of living conditions, the access to property, increased life expectancy, a society of consumption which is more attainable for them as for the generation before or the generation after, an accumulation of patrimony bearing any comparison, a leisure time society they are using for remodeling their ways of sociability – less family-centered and more oriented to friends, cultural life, holidays or sportive and associative activities. However, this does not imply that all seniors are equally benefitting from these enhancements in terms of living condition. Indeed, the situation is very different even within the category of people aged over 60. Anyway, this new generation of seniors, reaching now massively the age of retirement, will certainly reverse the common social representations of “seniority”.

complete pdf available in french

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