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A second life for objects? A sustainable practice

The conomic crisis has many consequences such as shrinking living standards and making the poor even poorer. Moreover, it questions our production and consumption models. In the framework of a general reflection on sustainable consumption which favours a reduction in … Continue reading

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The French industry of consumer goods should take better account of the consumers’ expectations

For the last ten years, while the French production of consumer goods has dropped of an average 0,5% per year, jobs in this industry have decreased by 4,5% per year. Although deindustrialisation and the economic crisis are the major reasons … Continue reading

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Breakfast in France, a meal on a downhill slide

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the importance of a significant energy intake early in the day for the intellectual capacity, especially for children. In 1954, under the leadership of Pierre Mendès France, President of the Council of Ministers, children were … Continue reading

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Is the social and tax redistribution the keystone of middle classes ? An international comparison

Middle classes are often the subject of public debate. They would be declining, under the pressure of too many taxes, on the way of pauperization and neglected by the Welfare State. A thorough survey in thirty countries over the three … Continue reading

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Homeowners / tenants : a new social division has emerged

In the past fifteen years, real estate prices in France have excessively increased compared with the households incomes. From 1996 to 2011, the prices of the older buildings were multiplied by 2.5, the rents by 1.6 while households incomes were … Continue reading

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