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Sustainable shopping outside city centres, a difficult challenge

The notion of “sustainable shopping” means shopping with a reduced impact on the environment, in terms of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while favouring the economic and social interests of local food producers and territories.  Funded by the French Ministry … Continue reading

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Study on behaviors and opinions of the French population as regards environment – Edition 2011

The survey gives an overview of the latest evolutions of behaviours and opinions as regards environment. The study shows in particular that the largest part of the population knows by now the concept of “sustainable development”. Citizens are largely aware … Continue reading

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Sustainable tourism : from the idea to the practice

The concept of sustainable tourism is one of the ideas that came after the 1992′s Rio Summit. The goal is firstly to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and secondly to respect the culture and the economic interest of the … Continue reading

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Environment : from good intentions to good practices

The ecological sensibility has widely spread during the last twenty years. Household’s ways of life strongly impact the environment through consumption, waste, heating, transports… French people are often accused to be all talk and no action concerning the planet protection. … Continue reading

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Packaging : the French are more aware

The average weight of waste thrown out by each person in France reaches 391 kgs per year. From 1995 to 2007 the whole volume of waste increased by 39%. Packaging represents about one third of this volume. One of the … Continue reading

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