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Greater food diversity in France than in the U.S.A

The French food pattern is based on conviviality, food diversity, meals at regular hours and a strong three course meal structure, as confirmed by the Feb. 2011  national food program. On the contrary, the American pattern favours individualism and a … Continue reading

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Eating at school favors food diversity, except for teenagers

For the first time, the CREDOC has compared the composition of school canteen meals with home meals and other places’. This comparative study relies on data from a big and recurrent survey about food consumptions and behaviours in France on … Continue reading

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The French dietary pattern helps to limit the risk of being fat

Unbalanced diet and poor physical activity often lead to put on weight. Several surveys made by the CREDOC show that the relationship between people and food is slowly changing in France. The French pattern of dietary behaviour remains an institution … Continue reading

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