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Is well-being growing less quickly than the GDP?

The wealth of a nation measured through the gross domestic product has long been the major indicator of the population’s well-being. Many decision-makers, economists or editorial writers permanently focus on the GDP variations. However the vision of the multidimensional aspects … Continue reading

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The fear of “everyone for himself”

Social cohesion refers, in public opinion, to respectful relationships which depend mostly on individual attitudes. Individuals consider themselves as active players of social cohesion. In particular, respect for others and tolerance are, for most people, far more essential for living … Continue reading

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Homeowners / tenants : a new social division has emerged

In the past fifteen years, real estate prices in France have excessively increased compared with the households incomes. From 1996 to 2011, the prices of the older buildings were multiplied by 2.5, the rents by 1.6 while households incomes were … Continue reading

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Study on behaviors and opinions of the French population as regards environment – Edition 2011

The survey gives an overview of the latest evolutions of behaviours and opinions as regards environment. The study shows in particular that the largest part of the population knows by now the concept of “sustainable development”. Citizens are largely aware … Continue reading

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The Financial Culture of French

The main finding of this survey is easy to resume: French people have a poor financial culture. Our fellow citizens have difficulties to use even basic financial concepts. Similarly, they are very uneasy when handling with, though, very simple financial … Continue reading

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