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The society of the leisure activities in the shadow of the value work

French are often seen as being fond of leisure time and leisure time activities. The present research shows that even if leisure time and social relations became more and more important over the last twenty years, they remain still less … Continue reading

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Evolution of the living conditions and the aspiration of seniors in France for 30 years

This study emphasizes that seniors from nowadays haven’t really much in common with seniors from thirty years ago. Baby-boomers appear as a “golden” generation who benefitted most from social rise, the spectacular improvement of living conditions, the access to property, … Continue reading

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A second life for objects? A sustainable practice

The conomic crisis has many consequences such as shrinking living standards and making the poor even poorer. Moreover, it questions our production and consumption models. In the framework of a general reflection on sustainable consumption which favours a reduction in … Continue reading

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Four experimentations to promote the integration of young people supervised by the youth justice system

In 2011, young people between 18 and 24 represent 25% of the jailed population (and only 16% of the 18-59 years old’s). The young are more concerned than the others by a second offence judgment that’s why supporting is crucial. … Continue reading

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Is well-being growing less quickly than the GDP?

The wealth of a nation measured through the gross domestic product has long been the major indicator of the population’s well-being. Many decision-makers, economists or editorial writers permanently focus on the GDP variations. However the vision of the multidimensional aspects … Continue reading

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