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Housing crisis reinforce the feeling of drop in status

In the last fifteen years, housing prices have been multiplied by 2.5 in France, whereas in the same time incomes have been multiplied only by 1.6. Rents have increased also faster than the incomes. In brief, the spending dedicated to … Continue reading

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Homeowners / tenants : a new social division has emerged

In the past fifteen years, real estate prices in France have excessively increased compared with the households incomes. From 1996 to 2011, the prices of the older buildings were multiplied by 2.5, the rents by 1.6 while households incomes were … Continue reading

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Collateral damages of the housing crisis to the living conditions of the population

Increasing housing prices were largely disconnected from the evolution of household incomes over the last fifteen years in France. Between 1996 and 2011, housing prices (in the ancient) have been multiplied by 2.5 and rents by 1.6 while the available … Continue reading

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Senior citizens, a neglected target

Today, one third of the French population is over 50. For the last ten years, the ratio of senior citizens in the population has been increasing by 1.8% a year, much more than 0.3% for the twenty previous years. For … Continue reading

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